Entrepreneurs are opting for co-working spaces

When I was in Thailand I visited a couple of short term office spaces where digital nomads and entrepreneurs are earning incomes online.  The first place I visited was Pun Space in Chiang Mai.  They are in the heart of the city.  This was a very welcoming place.  There are people from all over the world.  I met people from Germany, Australia, and England.  The different types of businesses range from eCommerce websites, drop shopping websites and graphic design.  The space is open and airy and very welcoming.

The second place I visited in Thailand was HUBBA.  It is just a few blocks walking from a railway station.  The atmosphere is definitely a little more formal than that of Pun Space.  I guess that comes with the location as Bangkok is a very big and bustling city whereas Chiang Mai is a lazy farm town.

When I came back to the USA, I decided to check out a new shared office space Chicago that is opening up in the Gold Coast neighborhood.  They offer all the amenities that the two places in Chiang Mai and Bangkok offered.  I have a feeling the clients will be in line with the ones in Bangkok.  They are offering some grand opening specials.  You can visit them at Assemble Chicago

TV Repair Chicago

I bought a tv from a local dealer but did not buy an extended contract.  My TV is now showing a thin vertical line in the picture.  I had TV Repair Chicago come out to my home for a service call.  They said the unit needed an LED TV panel and would be over $1,000 to repair.  I will now have to buy a new tv.  I should have bought the extended contract.

You can visit the service companies website at http://chicagotvrepairs.com

Alternatives to Cable

Cable, satellite, cable satellite…that is what is ingrained in our minds when it comes to watching TV, especially high defintion TV (HDTV).  However, most people don’t realize that there are much cheaper, and in some cases free, options available.  Yes FREE.  You may be wondering what other alternatives there are to cable (a.ka. alternatives to cable) or satellite.  Well, there are quite a few I can think of from the top of my head.  There is Hulu, Roku, Netflix, Xbox360, and a good old fashioned antenna.  All of these can give you high defintion signal for a fraction of cable or satellite coverage.  If you are interested in this topic, but are not quite sure how to cut the cord, visit http://getfreehdtv.com/alternatives-to-cable/ for more details.  Your wallet/checkbook will thank you!

alternatives to cable

Attic Antenna

As the economy is still in the midst of recovery and many Americans are trying to find ways to cut costs there is one major cut that is continually overlooked; cutting the cable bill.  We have come accustom to sitting in front of the tv and having 200+ channels at are our disposal when in reality we are only actually watching a handful of those stations.  With cable bills on the rise we are paying for stations that we never even watch.  What most don’t realize is that you can receive over 40 stations in most markets including all the major networks in high definition for FREE.  You will need to spend a little money up front for some equipment, but after that you will have no monthly cable bill to worry about.  If you actually track your viewing habits will you will probably begin to realize that you watch the local network stations the most, which you could be watching for free.  You will need to get a basic Attic Antenna to receive HD programming.  You can see reviews of the top attic antennas here at: http://getfreehdtv.com/attic-antenna.

attic antenna

Cut the Cord

Rumor has it that broadcasters are now getting worried about the number of consumers that are dumping their cable and satellite TV services and getting their news, sports and entertainment on the internet. Recently, the Nielsen Co. have begun labeling those people that have dumped cable and satellite TV as the “Zero TV” crowd because they fall outside the traditional realm of your typical TV home. There are now 5 million of these residences in the U.S., and the list is getting larger. This week at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas, the broadcasting industry is going to discuss how to win back those that have cut the cord.   Is this the beginning of the end for traditional TV?  Will people everywhere begin to cut the cord, or is this much a do about nothing?

It’s possible but you can expect it to be around for a little while longer. However, companies like Panther TEK are already expecting to see a rise in calls from customers wanting Roku and Apple TV boxes installed. Recently, Panther TEK announced that they have now added Roku and Apple TV to their computer installation service lineup which is expected to be a big winner for the company.   “We’ve already received interest from a few customers wanting to know how to get set up with Roku and Apple TV. Satellite and cable TV have gotten way too expensive for consumers and the internet provides a lot of option for service at a lower cost. Of course, they’ll still need high speed internet access to watch the streaming channels but it’ll still be a money saver for people,” Nohl Rosen owner of Panther TEK stated.  For more information, check out: http://getfreehdtv.com/cut-the-cord/.


cut the cord


Samsung TV Repair Chicago

Samsung has just released their quarterly profits which shows they netted 6.4 billion dollars.  Samsung has quickly become the leader in the electronics industry.  Samsung now sells phones, computers, tablets, printers and televisions.  Samsung was nearly non-existent ten years ago.  The likes of Sony, Mitsubishi and Panasonic all dominated the electronics industry.  With the onset of declining retail prices for flat panel tvs, Samsung started to flood the market.  They slowly took over and now Sony, Mitsubishi and Panasonic are barely hanging on.  All Samsung televisions carry a one year limited warranty.  In the rare event that your unit fails, you can contact Samsung TV Repair Chicago.  You can visit them at http://samsungfactoryrepair.com